Amer Media Art

Website Services


Accessibility means that all viewers will be able to access and read your website and all its content. Some users may be inhibited by a slow internet connection, disability, low vision, or deprecated or unpopular equipment. We try to design websites so that all people can access and read your webpage.

Quick Page Loading

Amer Media Art designs sites so that the page load time is fast and does not require a lot of bandwidth so that people with slow internet connections can still access the page.

For Blind Users

Additionally we create sites that make it easy for a blind person using a screen reading device, a person with a physical disability that has trouble using a mouse, or a person with low vision to access and read the content of your website. The pages are designed and organized so that a person using a screen reader or a person using keyboard shortcuts can easily access the content he or she is looking for.

Text Zoom

We also can add a feature for text zoom directly on the page, so that a person with low vision can easily have the text-enlarged. An example of this is at the top of this page and every page on this website, directly under that top navigation boxes.

Guidelines We Follow

We strive to make all our websites conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 that are set by the World Web Consortium. This list has been adopted by most governments in Europe and is required by web developers to adopt. It goes a little farther than what is required by government websites in the US, which is set forth in the American Disabilities Act section 508.