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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website rank high in search engine results of words that relate to your business. If your website ranks high in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo then it is more likely that you will have more visitors to your site and therefore more sales, or more information desseminated, or whatever the goal of your site is. The goal of SEO is to make your site popular and also easily readable by search engine robots that index web content.

Links that Refer to your Site

There are a few major aspects of SEO. First and the most important: Other websites link to your website

Search engines look at how popular your site is by seeing how many websites refer unique visitors to your site. So if your site is listed on other websites (online newsletters in your sector, personal blogs, directories, business partners, etc.) you are more likely to have referrals and therefore a higher page ranking.

Variety of Content

The second most important aspect is your content. Having a variety of content to attract different kinds of people with different interests is also very important. For example if you want to advertise a book about dieting, your could have a section that is updated periodically about seasonal low-fat recipes, and another section about exercises, and another section of links to health professionals that could also put links on their website recommending your book or your website.

Hidden Messages for Robots

Another main aspect of SEO is the "meta tag". It is a hidden message that only the search engine robots can read. One meta tag can be seen by human eyes on the search results page in Google underneath each website name there is a short line describing the website, this is often the description meta tag.

Other hidden messages are located on your server and not directly on your website pages. A sitemap file and robots.txt file can direct the search engine robots where to look for important content. Amer Media Art always creates these files for you to increase exposure of your website.

Page Layout

Amer Media Art designs and programs web pages so that the most important information is the first a robot reads, which is not the same as what a human eye would read. We keep the content that contains potential keywords that people will search for easy to find for search engines and not buried within tons of computer codes and nonsense.

There are other methods of SEO that differ depending on the type of site that you have and who you are trying to market your site to.

Marketing and Analysis

We recommend that you use tracking software like Google analytics to track visitors on your site and record information about those visitors. This will allow you to see how people reach your site and get a general perspective of their experience on the site. Used in conjunction with other Google products and aides like Google search insights, Google Adwords, and landing pages you can get better results from your site through targeting and marketing to people who would be interested in your products or information.