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Web Standards

Web Standards are set by the World Wide Web Consortium to enhance web users' experience. Imagine that browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer each speak a different language and they are all trying to understand your website which is in another language. The translation dictionary is web standards. If your website is written in a code that isn't universally recognized by web standards, then only some browsers may read it, and therefore less people will be able to view your site. There are many benefits to a website that is web standards compliant.

Standards Save You Money

It saves you money by ensuring that your website will be compatible with all browsers, phones, and hand-held devices that display internet pages that haven't been developed yet. You won't have to worry that your site will be obsolete when Internet Explorer 9 comes out, for example.

Time Saver

It will save you time and the people who edit your website time. A website built using web standards is easy to update or upgrade because it is built in an organized way that separates the content from the styling code.

Better for Search Engines

Your website is more easily readable by search engine robots because your content isn't buried underneath loads of computer codes.

Check it Out!

At the bottom of each page on this website there are small boxes that read "xhtml" and "css". If you click on them they will take you to a website that reads the code that comprises the site (in this case css and xhtml), and verifies that it complies with the web standards. We strive to make every website we create comply with these standards.