Amer Media Art

Website Services


We use the latest web technology from databases, to javascript, to flash animation. Here are a list of website features as examples.

  • Online forms for users to complete and that are sent directly to your email providing the utmost security for the user's privacy and to protect you from spam
  • RSS feeds that aggregate recently updated posts to your website so that readers can subscribe for instant updates
  • Dynamic menus such as drop-down menus, collapsible menus, or menu hovering effects
  • Site-wide search
  • Google Analytics comprehensive site statistics to track number, origin, and frequency of visitors. You can track how they find your site, which keywords they use to find your site, how high your site ranks in Google searches for certain keywords, how many pages a person visits, which pages are the most popular, and much more!
  • Picture galleries and dynamic slideshows using flash or javascript